The partner concept

Growing together with an open partner ecosystem

Partner ecosystem

Digitalisation and IoT require open standards and close cooperation between all stakeholders.


It is essential to share innovations and new ideas in order to be successful in the world of digitalisation.


With a strong and diverse partner ecosystem, holistic and innovative solutions can be implemented, inspiring customers and partners over the long term.


The partners of Poksundo are experienced specialists in the fields of technology, development, sales, consulting and service.

Sales and consulting

Our partners are SAP consulting houses, system houses and system  integrators.


Our partners contribute their industry expertise.

Together we support our customers in implementing their requirements.

Application and solution partners

Our partners provide complementary applications such as video and alarm management systems, visitor and foreign company management, and building information systems.


This results in a comprehensive, continuously expandable solution portfolio, providing new added value to the customer.

Service partners

Our service partners implement the solution and ensure operation.


Our partners offer comprehensive services, from setting up the software to commissioning and monitoring the connected IoT peripherals.

Technology and development

Our development partners contribute their expertise and key technologies to the solution.


This includes innovations in the field of devices and peripherals (biometrics, mobile access, IoT connectivity) and in the area of software services (cloud and web technologies, virtual and augmented reality, etc.).

Our partners

Sales and consulting partners

Service partners

Application and solution partners

Technology and development partners

Technology and development partners

 - OEM partnership

 - Co-Innovation Programme

 - Provisioning of the SAP Cloud infrastructure

 Application and solution partners

Sales and consulting partners

Service partner

Sales and consulting partners

Service partner


Technology and development partner

Sales and consulting partner

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We are looking for partners specialised in SAP and cloud solutions.