dormakaba jay cloud

Expand SAP systems in a way that makes sense.

Time recording and access control in SAP SuccessFactors.

jay cloud is a “software as a service” application for control and monitoring of access rights to buildings and protected areas of an enterprise.

jay cloud applications at a glance

Access Management

The definition of access rights, time profiles, room zones and special days according to individual requirements provides more security quickly and easily.

Employees, visitors and suppliers can enter only the buildings and rooms for which they have the corresponding rights.


In this way, granting access authorisations is an integral part of the business processes of the enterprise and is taken care of completely within the SAP system.


The access rights are easily and conveniently entered in the SAP SuccessFactors system by the human resources department.


jay cloud facilitates the administration of user media through a variety of different access media available to choose from. Issuing and allocating substitute and visitor IDs are significantly simplified, including ID printing and encoding.

Time Recording

The booking data recorded at the terminals is forwarded to the higher-level personnel time recording system (SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP HCM or other systems), which automatically calculates the different times for each employee using individual time models.


Employees can enter their presence and absence times independently and get information about their current personal time accounts. The time accounts are calculated and settled in a fully automated process.

 -  Recording of presence and absence times

 -  Automated time recording processes

 -  Forwarding of the data for processing to SAP time management modules

Visitor Management

Companies can now efficiently manage the full visitor lifecycle of all external visitors from entry to exit, in real-time.
The visitor management provided with jay cloud creates a seamless visitor process with extensive functions such as visitor planning, unique visitor badges, access control integrations, and administrative data analysis tools. Upon arrival, visitors are given personal badges that already contain all necessary access authorizations. This precise access control system allows free and secure visitor traffic, limited to certain times and zone locations.

jay cloud - The advantages at a glance

Direct integration into SAP SuccessFactors EC

jay cloud is directly linked to SAP Success Factors Employee Central.


Access rights are assigned automatically based on the role and function of an employee in the company. If the role of the employee changes, his access rights are automatically changed.


There is no longer a need for a subsystem for access control.

Based on the SAP Cloud Platform

Robust and future-proof.

jay cloud is a stand-alone service based on the SAP Cloud Platform.

The solution uses, amongst others, the following SAP Cloud Platform services:

  • SAP BTP Integration Service
  • SAP BTP Identity Provider
  • SAP BTP Workflow und Rules Engine

Simple device integration

Convenient connection of the entire dormakaba product portfolio, including:

  • Electronic access control
  • Time and operating data recording
  • Locking systems
  • Entrance systems such as turnstiles, revolving doors and locks
  • Identification technologies and RFID systems, including mobile access, CardLink and biometric identification

Simple graphical interface

jay cloud provides a user-friendly, customisable web interface.

  • Familiar SAP interface (Fiori)
  • Graphical building floor plans
  • Comprehensive evaluations
  • Access is always available from everywhere. (PC, tablet, smartphone)

Integration of third-party systems

jay cloud is an open modular system.


Third-party systems such as visitor management, alarm systems, video management and building information systems can be integrated.


In order for the systems to interact optimally, they are integrated and orchestrated through the API management and integration services of the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Worldwide service and sales

Through our partner concept, the cooperation with dormakaba, SAP and SAP consulting houses, we can provide a worldwide service.

Investment security

SAP is the world’s leading manufacturer of ERP software.

dormakaba is a leading manufacturer of security solutions.

Both companies stand for innovation, customer orientation and long-term strategies.

Benefits for target users

jay cloud makes the processes easier for all users.

jay cloud has an eye on the objectives and benefits of all users, from business management to the security department and IT through to the HR department and individual employees.

Chief executive officer

  • More security, more transparency, lower costs
  • International and enterprise-wide solution
  • Investment security
  • Current data at all times
  • Holistic system

IT - department

  • Less complexity
  • Full control through a uniform system (no stand-alone solutions)
  • Reduced effort for maintenance, support, training
  • Competence and own ability to act in SAP
  • Flexible and open for extensions

HR - department

  • Integration of all time recording and access processes into the existing SAP management environment
  • Familiar user interface
  • Reduced effort for personnel administration
  • Customise and output user media
  • Assign access rights

Security department

  • Greater security
  • Current data at all times
  • Easy to operate
  • Central, uniform and enterprise-wide total system


  • Easy use of access components and kiosk terminals for time recording
  • Uncomplicated media management
  • Familiar user interface

SAP Consultant

  • Full access for extensions and customisations
  • SAP workflow integration and setup
  • Creation of evaluations
  • System monitoring

Even more possibilities

Through a flexible integration and expansion concept for partners and third-party applications, the application can be extended to include other functions such as

  - Management of visitors and external companies

  - Alarm and incident management

  - Video management

  - Customer-specific adaptations