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jay cloud Zeiterfassung mit dormakaba Zeitterminal

Time tracking for SAP SuccessFactors

Together with SAP, we have developed jay cloud - a solution for time and attendance, including the integration of time recording terminals. It offers the highest level of security thanks to the latest technology based on the SAP Business Technology Platform, making it the ideal complement to time management with SAP SuccessFactors. jay cloud is fully integrated with SAP SuccessFactors.

SAP Certificate for jay cloud

at a glance

Accurate, error-free and fast time tracking

  • With jay cloud time, working times can be recorded precisely and flexibly. The booking data is forwarded to the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Sheet and is available there for precise employee payroll accounting.

  • Times and activities are recorded where they occur - on the go or in the office, at the time recording terminal, with the smartphone, in the browser or automatically when you open the door.

  • jay cloud time creates a solid foundation for efficient time management, even with flexible working time models. This way, you always keep track of time balances, absences and overtime.

Seamless integration into SAP®SuccessFactors Employee Central

  • All jay cloud apps are accessed directly from the SAP SuccessFactors homescreen.

  • All bookings are transferred to the time sheet in real time and are available there for all further evaluations and SAP SuccessFactors apps (shift plan reconciliation, accounts, balances, payroll).

  • Media and terminal authorizations can be assigned to employees directly in SAP SuccessFactors.

  • jay cloud adopts the role-based authorization concept of SAP SuccessFactors.

Everything under control
  • All terminals and all bookings can be monitored directly in SAP SuccessFactors. This forms the basis for monitoring, reporting and data evaluations.

  • Detailed reporting and analysis of work hours to track and analyze hours worked, overtime, and other relevant metrics to develop more effective workflows.

  • Plausibility checks are carried out across all terminals: If an arrival booking has been made at one terminal, this information is available in real time at all other terminals. available. If configured accordingly, only the logically possible functions (walk, break, other project) are available to this person on all devices.

Focus on employees -  Employee self-service

  • Time recording via PC, smartphone or terminal: Employees can make their bookings both in SAP SuccessFactors (desktop or mobile) and on the terminal. All data is always synchronous.

  • Transparency and efficiency: Employees can query all time and booking information themselves, make up for forgotten bookings and correct incorrect bookings. This creates a high level of transparency for employees and reduces effort for the HR department.

  • Terminal-based time recording: Employees can record their working times simply by checking in and out at a terminal, without having to carry out additional complicated steps. Working times can also be recorded at the same time as an access booking, for example at a turnstile - the simplest way of recording time.

Advanced time tracking features

  • Time recording for external employees who are administered outside of SuccessFactors (service providers, external companies).

  • Direct feedback of working times in the SuccessFactors Time Sheet -jay cloud also offers terminal integration for SAP SuccessFactors customers who have not (yet) purchased a time tracking license. The integration of terminals has not yet been possible for these users.

  • Absences and durations can be recorded at the terminal.

Supports the migration of your time management to the cloud

  • In addition to SAP SuccessFactors operations, jay cloud also supports the migration of your HR processes to the cloud. All hybrid scenarios of On Premise / On Demand are possible:

  • Master data is maintained in SAP HCM S4/HANA and/or in SuccessFactors EC.
    Time management is carried out in SuccessFactors EC, either with or without the Time Tracking Service, or in SAP HCM S/4 HANA (HR-PDC interface)

Terminal-based time recording - Integration

Benefits of terminal-based time recording

Time recording via terminals is simple, intuitive and fast. It ensures error-free recording of all employee attendance. The booking data is available in real time in the SAP SuccessFactors Time Sheet.

Time recording is carried out via dormakaba terminals such as the dormakaba 9700 with a touch-sensitive 7-inch display and many options or the smaller dormakaba 9600 with a 4-inch display.


Terminal-based time recording systems enable precise recording of working times. Employees can precisely document their attendance and absence.

Easy handling

Employees can record their working times simply by clocking in and out at a terminal, or at the same time as booking access, for example at a turnstile - the easiest way to record time.

Error reduction

Interactive and individualized user dialogs on the terminal reduces incorrect entries. Bookings are checked for plausibility in real time - incorrect bookings such as a double clock-in booking are rejected. Missing bookings can be rebooked.

Time tracking for everyone

Terminal-based time recording is a legally secure, efficient and fair way of recording, available to all employees without having to use and manage additional, individual devices such as smartphones or laptops.


Terminal-based time tracking with interactive user dialogs reduces errors, minimizes administrative effort, and saves time and resources of employees and HR managers.

Transparency for employees

The terminal provides employees with information about their time accounts and shows an overview of all bookings made.

Secure identification

Identification at the terminal is quick and easy using unique identification methods such as fingerprint scanners, RFID cards and/or the smartphone. All identification media can be maintained in the employee profile in SuccessFactors EC.

Terminal integration.png

This is what you should consider when integrating time recording devices

Integration via the SAP Business Technology Platform ensures maximum security and fast data transfer between the devices and SAP SuccessFactors.

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