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jay cloud Zutrittskontrolle - mit Smartphone

Simplify access control

With jay cloud, you control employee access rights directly and in real time from your HR system.

Easy operation, maximum flexibility and security – jay cloud facilitates access control and time recording significantly and gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have everything under control. From HR to IT and security and from the boardroom to every last person in the company.

Role Based Access Authorizations
Assign access authorizations
  • jay cloud offers a variety of options for assigning access authorizations: role-based, person-based, time-limited, only for certain devices or device groups, for organizational units, locations or zones.

  • Access authorizations are easily and conveniently defined in jay cloud by the human resources department or those responsible for security and assigned to the organizational units.

  • If the roles of employees change, the corresponding access rights change automatically and immediately.

  • Access authorizations can be linked to shift schedules so that employees only have access to the facility during their shift times. have a job.

Media management

jay cloud supports a wide selection of media for access management, visitor management and time recording.

Access Barrier free without text.jpg
  • The following media are supported:
    ID cards, RFID cards, smart keys, biometrics, car license plates, replacement ID cards.

  • jay cloud supports Mobile Access via digital key (voucher). Mobile Access is a simple and efficient solution to enable people to quickly and securely book access or time recording using their smartphone. The smartphone is used like a normal ID medium.

  • jay cloud supports CardLink. Online components (terminals) are connected to offline door components. The employee's personal ID acts as a connection. This means that door components can be integrated into an overall concept without data cables, without any major effort being required for connection and programming.

Device management

Easy device integration and convenient connection of the entire dormakaba product portfolio,

All devices are monitored centrally. They are integrated and managed together via a common interface.

  • dormakaba's hardware solutions include different types of devices, from readers to multifunctional terminals, as well as electronic and mechatronic door fittings.

  • All devices and bookings are monitored centrally. Automatic notifications occur in the event of errors, critical conditions and alarms (e.g. door open for too long, device not available, battery level low)

  • The SAP Business Technology Platform ensures high security and fast data transfer between the devices and jay cloud.

  • Your company does not need to provide any IT infrastructure for device management - the devices communicate directly with the cloud (only firewall settings are required).

Seamless integration into SAP SuccessFactors

By directly integrating time recording, access and visitor management into SAP SuccessFactors, SAP's cloud-based HR system, you can make full use of the possibilities of your SAP system. Familiar, intuitive and process-oriented handling, whether with a mobile phone, browser, tablet or terminal.

jay cloud - Integration in SAP SuccessFactors
Benefits of full integration with SAP SuccessFactors
  • All jay cloud apps can be launched directly from the SAP SuccessFactors homescreen.

  • All bookings are transferred to SAP SuccessFactors in real time and are available there for further evaluations and SAP SuccessFactors apps.

  • Media and terminal authorizations can be assigned to employees directly in SAP SuccessFactors.

  • The role-based authorization concept from SAP SuccessFactors is adopted.

  • Single Sign On - Only one login and authentication is required for SuccessFactors and jay cloud.

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