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jay cloud - die SaaS Lösung für Zeit, Zutritt und Besuchermanagement

Multiple requirements,
one-for-all solution

Discover the modules of jay cloud

jay cloud connects the dormakaba product portfolio to your cloud-based HR system.
jay cloud runs on the SAP Business Technology Platform, communicates with connected dormakaba time and access devices and provides them with personal master data and authorizations.
The time and access bookings recorded on the end devices are stored in SAP IoT services and are available for comprehensive reporting.

jay cloud Zeiterfassung mit dormakaba Terminals

jay cloud TIME

Times and activities are recorded on site or in the office, at the time terminal, via smartphone or automatically when the door is opened. Time events are transmitted to the SAP system in real time. Errors are reduced through correction options and plausibility checks. This allows working times to be recorded precisely and flexibly.

jay cloud ACCESS

Employee access authorizations are controlled directly and in real time from SuccessFactors. They are based on the position and role employees have in the company. If their roles change, the corresponding access rights change automatically and immediately. This is easily and conveniently defined and assigned by the HR department or security managers in jay cloud.

jay cloud Zutrittskontrolle mit dormakaba Geräten
jay cloud Besuchermanagement mit dormakaba Komponenten

jay cloud VISITORS

The solution offers comprehensive functions for visit planning, check-in and check-out, and for managing and analyzing visitor data. Visitors receive a badge upon arrival that already contains all necessary access rights. Free and secure visitor traffic with restriction to specific times and zones.

jay cloud Overview

jay cloud TIME

jay cloud ACCESS

jay cloud VISIT

All information for download

Benefits for target users

jay cloud simplifies the processes - for all users.

Benefits for management

More security and transparency, less costs

A central, international and company-wide solution

High investment security and sustainability

jay cloud is part of the SAP digital strategy

jay cloud - Vorteile für die Geschäftsführung
Benefits for HR Managers

All time recording and access processes can be controlled
directly and automatically in SAP SuccessFactors
Reduced personnel administration costs
No duplicate master data maintenance
Reduced workload thanks to ESS (employee self-service) functions
Familiar graphical SAP SuccessFactors user interface

jay cloud - advantages for HR managers
Benefits for IT managers

Full control thanks to a standard system– fewer interfaces, no island solutions
Efficient use of SAP systems and infrastructure
SAP IT security
Reduced effort for maintenance, support and training
Competence and scope for action within the SAP system
Flexibility and expansion friendliness

jay cloud - advantages for IT managers

Benefits for security managers

Intelligent and scalable access management system with a variety of functions and interfaces for additional systems
Centralised monitoring – data are always current
Constant access to the system from anywhere
Increased security for buildings, people and IT
Integration of the entire dormakaba innovation portfolio including mobile access
Comprehensive media management - RFID, biometrics (finger, hand vein or face recognition), mobile access

jay cloud - advantages for security managers

Benefits for employees

Easy-to-use access components and time recording terminals
Employee self-service functions
Web terminal, authorisation requests and time corrections
Fast and flexible issuing of authorisation rights
Familiar graphical SAP SuccessFactors user interface

jay cloud - benefits for employees

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